Date of the latest change 06/01/2016

1. General provisions 
This Privacy Policy is an appendix to License agreement (Public offer) and regulates the privacy conditions between inDriver’s Service (hereinafter – Service) and User during the use of the Service. All conditions and terms, defined by the License agreement, are applicable and have similar importance in this Privacy Policy. Using the Service, User agrees with this Privacy Policy. If it is necessary to upload software for Service to work, it may update automatically on a mobile device of the User when another version appears or new function is implemented. In some cases automatic update setting may be permitted. Acceptance of terms of Privacy Policy is a clearly expressed, objective, specific and non abstract agreement of the User to process his/her personal data by the Administrator.  .
1.1. If you do not agree to this Privacy Policy, and terms and provisions of the License Agreement and Terms of Use related to the Services, do not want to comply with them, do not install the mobile application, delete it/any of its component immediately from the mobile phone or computer and do not use the mobile application. In case, if you do not agree to the rules and terms stated below for whatever reason, it means your duty to delete the Service from your mobile phone or computer and not to use inDriver’s Services. Otherwise, you will be considered to agree to all rules, terms and information, shown on this website.  
1.2. This Policy is applicable to all Service Users. 
1.3. Service Use means acceptance of this Policy – unconditional acceptance of all terms of this Policy without any exemptions or limitations on conditions of joining. 
1.4. Administrator, based on the principles of reasonableness and integrity, assumes that:
User carefully read the terms of this Privacy Policy and other official documents of the Service before using the Service;
By using the Service Приступив agrees to the terms of this Policy and accepts all the rights and responsibilities;
User understands and acknowledges that in the process of use of the Service the personal information posted may be available to other users of the Service and other persons, and spread by such persons including on the Internet.
1.5. This Policy is an open and publicly available document. Policy may be changed and/or amended unilaterally by the Service without special notification (consent) of the User. Current version of the Policy is available on the Internet at:
1.6. Changes and amendments shall become effective the following day after posting of new version of Policy on the Internet at:
1.7. Administrator recommends the Users to regularly check the terms of this Policy for changes and/or amendments. Continued use of the Service after the changes and/or amendments to this Offer are implemented means that User accepts and agrees to such changes and/or amendments.
1.8. In the event of contradiction or inconsistencies between the text of the License Agreement of the Service and this Policy, Policy is to be applied.
1.9. Administrator has the right to process personal data of the Users without notifying the authorized empowered to defend personal data subjects’ rights.

2. Aims of data processing 
Administrator processes the information about Users, including their personal data in order to comply with the obligations to grant user access to the Service in the framework of the License Agreement (Public Offer).
Administrator collects and stores only that personal data which is required for granting access to the functionality of the Service or implementation of the agreements and contracts with User unless the legislation establishes mandatory storage of personal data within the statutory period of time.

3. Information about Users
3.1. With the aim to improving comfort of Users when using and authorization in the Service, during  installation of the Service on the mobile device Users may be asked to provide personal information including: e-mail address, full name,  surname, patronymic name, date of birth, age, gender, location (city), mobile phone number, biometric data (photo), information about vehicle (license plate number, type and model of the car, year of production of the car, colour of the car), document data, establishing identity (scan copy of the document, establishing identity), driver’s license data (scan copy of driver’s license), as well as other information. With the help of servers of the Service information about User’s activity is saved in the service. Service collects and stores data as information about provided services by access to the function of the Service, as well as information about them. Personal information and personal data contains some information, not provided directly by the Users, as the Service protocols the information, related to access to the Service. Despite these provisions stated above, Service has the right to collect following information:
– information about mobile device of the User (model, operation system type, unique identifications of device, as well as information about mobile network and phone number);
– information of logs, containing information about use of the Service or content view, provided through the Service (including but not limited to detailed information  about use of Service, including search query, information about phone calls, including phone numbers of incoming, outgoing and forwarded calls, date, time, type and duration of calls, and SMS route information, IP-addresses, information about hardware events including information about crashes and actions in the system, as well as settings, type and language of browser, date and time of request and URL transition);
– location information (including GPS data, sent by mobile device, data of different positioning technologies).
Personal information and personal data of users may be used by Administrator for administrative purposes, for example, for internal investigation of License Agreement (Public Offer) and this Privacy Policy infringement. Only authorized personnel of the Administrator managing the Service has direct access to personal information and personal data of the User. They are obliged to keep confidential personal data and prevent unauthorized access to them. Every user of the Service has the right to view, edit and delete personal information and personal data on his/her account.

4. Principles of User personal data processing
4.1. User’s personal data processing shall be made based on following principles:
law and fairness;
inadmissibility of interconnection of databases, containing personal data, processing of which is made for purposes incompatible with each other;

5. Personal data processing
Personal data processing  means any action (operation) or combination of actions (operations), handled via automated tools or without such tools, including collection, record, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (update, modification), extraction, use, transfer (spreading, provision, access), depersonalization, blocking, deleting, destruction of personal data.
User’s personal data processing is handled in accordance with the purposes (paragraph 2.1. and paragraph 2.2.) and principles defined by this Policy, as well as in accordance with the License Agreement (Public Offer). According the legislation on personal data consent of the user to personal data processing is not required.
User’s personal data processing is handled strictly in accordance with the legislation on personal data, including in accordance with the legislation in the field of processing and protecting personal data, as well as legislation in the field of information and information technologies.
Personal data processing is handled in automated mode, i.e. via computational tools, unless, non-automated personal data processing is required in compliance with legislation.
Information, obtained by the Administrator from the User, including information obtained in automated mode during User’s access to the Service is confidential, unless the user voluntary grants the personal information for public access to unlimited range of persons.
Administrator has the right to transfer the information about User to third parties in following cases:
Upon request of law enforcement and courts in connection with their activity within the scope, in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation;
Due to performance of obligation to the User to provide Services  in the framework of the Service, as well as with the goal of agreement or contract fulfillment with the User;
To protect legal rights and interests of Administrator and/or third parties, including violation of License Agreement (Public Offer) or other applied documents (contracts, agreements, rules) of the Service;
Transfer non-personal statistic data in order to conduct research, including marketing and advertising;
In some cases under the legislation of the Russian Federation.
Administrator has the right to destroy personal data of the User in cases of violation of terms of this Policy and/or License Agreement (Public Offer)or other applied documents (contracts, agreements, rules) of the Service by the User;
By accepting the terms of the License Agreement (Public Offer) and this Policy user agrees to cross-border transmission of personal data to the Administrator (in case if such transmission takes place).

6. Changing and deleting information 
User has the right to:
Independently change or delete personal data or other information taking into account available functionality of the Service, including in the Personal Profile;
Require Administrator to clarify his/her personal data, block or delete if data is incomplete, old, inaccurate, illegally obtained or unnecessary for the processing purpose, in case if it is not possible to independently carry out the said actions for objective reasons;
Require Administrator to provide information related to personal data processing, upon request, form and requirements of which are established by the legislation on personal data.
In cases defined by the legislation on personal data, Administrator has the right to store the information of the User during legal period of time and transfer such information, upon request, to government authorities of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.

7. Measures taken for information protection
Administrator undertakes legal, technical and organizational measures necessary for User’s personal data protection against illegal or accidental access, destruction, modification, blocking, copying, spreading, as well as other illegal actions.

8. Limitation of Policy
Administrator is not liable for the actions of the Users and third parties who have access to information about user from the use of the Service and consequences of use, spread and other actions against such information, access to which is available due to its peculiarities to any user of the Internet and Service.

9. User request 
Users have the rights to address the queries to e-mail:
Administrator reviews the request within 30 calendar days of request receipt.