About us

inDriver — is an international transportation network company (TNC), a universal platform for inDriver — is an international transportation network company (TNC), a universal platform for passenger, freight & haul and inter-city transportation services.

InDriver's key features are: no-dispatchers principle, fixed pre-ride fares and a micro-tenders mechanism – users set their fare for the ride by themselves. Thus, it helps passengers save money and get the desired level of service, while drivers can optimize their schedule and work load. InDriver gives freedom of choice for both sides.

Clients of the service – are socially active people, internet and mobile device users. They are not satisfied with poor level of service and unhappy with high prices set by local taxis. Although our users are not ready to tolerate low-standard service, they still do need cabs but want to be in control of their budget.

Our application supports GPS-geolocation, this provides passengers with information on distance to available drivers and lets them track the selected driver's location online on city map.

We keep records of all drivers' trips, this helps us keep our service safe. Passengers can rate their rides and comment on drivers' profiles. This tool serves as a self-maintaining mechanism for quality control. Drivers with low rating and negative reviews get fewer orders or none at all. Experience of similar services in Russia and around the world shows that such measures lead to a rapid growth of the level of service.

This project is setting new quality standards in passenger transportation. We believe it will bring a major contribution to the growth of quality of life for millions of inDriver users across vast territories - shore to shore from the Sea of Japan to the Black Sea and from the Arctic Ocean to the Bay of Bengal.