To drivers


1. Download inDriver’s mobile application to your phone. It is available in Play Market and AppStore.

2. Enter your phone number to register. You will receive an SMS message with the verification code to confirm your number. Enter the code. 

3. Choose the mode: «Driver» or «Passenger». Then you can easily switch between the modes in the menu of the application. 

4. Enter your information, upload your photo. Drivers have to enter the vehicle details: type, colour, number, year of production.

5. The order desk will be available to you. First of all, nearest location requests from passengers via GPS will be shown. From the list choose the one with the route and price that satisfy you. Click on it, and the application will connect you with the passenger.  

6. Do not forget to change your status: «Busy» or «Vacant». If you have a status “vacant”, it will allow passengers to see you on the map of vacant cars and not to disturb you if you have a status “Busy”.  

7. In the second tab «My orders» you can see completed orders.

8. If you are interested in intercity and cargo transportation – open menu of the application and use sections: «Intercity» and «Cargo».

Rules of the Service:

  • It is prohibited to write any messages in the request desk: correspondence, appeal, threats, insults, foul language, any advertisement, delivery, rent etc.
  • Passengers are prohibited to write unclear ride requests without address or price in the order desk. 
  • Drivers are prohibited to write in the order desk that they are available or can drive to/from etc.
  • Time of going out of the passenger is maximum 10 minutes. After that time has expired, it is necessary to pay the driver for waiting. 
  • If you are a passenger and changed your mind about taking a ride, immediately call to the driver and cancel your order. 
  • Drivers are prohibited to bargain with the passenger! If the price does not satisfy you, it is better not to call.