About us

inDriver — is a transportation network company (TNC). Besides that, food delivery, drinking water delivery and coupon projects are developing within the same network.

inDriver has no central dispatcher. Key distinction of service is a micro tenders mechanism – users set the price of a ride by themselves and choose from the drivers who respond to the request. Thus, it helps to save users' money and get a desired level of service, while drivers can optimize their capacity. Clients of a service – are socially active people, internet and mobile device users. They are not satisfied with the level of service and high prices set in a passenger transportation industry. Our users want to control their budget but don't want to use low service transportation options.

The service supports GPS-geolocation, which helps to give passengers information about distance to available drivers' and track online the selected driver's location on city map.

All history of drivers' trips are recorded. This helps to keep the service safe. Passengers can rate and comment on drivers' profiles. This operates as a self-maintaining mechanism for drivers. Drivers with poor rating will receive less orders or none at all. As we can abduct from experience of similar services in Russia and around the world, this leads to a rapid growth of the level of service.

Project will set new quality standards in a passengers transportation industry. Which will be a big contribution to the growth of quality of life throughout Russia, Kazakhstan and others.